News: Ewen Named Faculty of the Year

CCU's Gary Ewen Earns Doctorate and is Named Faculty Member of the Year

Colorado Christian University associate professor Gary Ewen recently completed his Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) degree from Regent University in Virginia. The accomplishment is a welcomed success for Ewen, whose role at CCU has been highly instrumental in the school's technological growth.

Ewen joined CCU in 1987 as a faculty member and also as Chief Technology Officer. Since then he has served as Assistant Vice President for Academic Technologies and Distance Learning, has administrated the Undergraduate Leadership Minor Program, and is currently Associate Professor of Management and Leadership Studies. He was recently named the 2007 Faculty Member of the Year by the CCU student body.

Across the last two decades, Ewen has helped CCU obtain an impressive list of technology-based grants. In 1996 he landed a $68,000 PC Hardware Grant from J.D. Edwards and Company and also a $73,800 Software License Grant from Microsoft. In 1997 he secured J.D. Edwards's One-World Software Grant, which totaled in excess of $1.25 million. In 1999 Ewen brought in a $135,000 Distance Learning Grant from And last year he raised $70,000 in hardware and funding through Hewlett-Packard's Higher Education HP Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative.

Ewen graduated from Illinois State University (1978) with a bachelor's degree in elementary education and then earned a Master of Education in Educational Technologies from Colorado State University (1984). His published works and software include a CD-ROM lecture support package for H.L. Capron's "Computers: Tools for an Information Age" (4th Edition: Benjamin Cummings, 1996); projects for Microsoft Windows (1998 Edition); and introductions to the Lotus 1-2-3, IBM PC, and MS-DOS Training Guides for Martin Marietta Data Systems (1986, 1988, 1991). His largest book to date is "Computers in Context" with coauthor Carl A. Scharpf (2nd Edition: Addison Wesley, 1998).

This May 4 at Regent University's graduation ceremonies, Ewen will be formally recognized by the School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship for his outstanding dissertation project entitled "Strategic Problem Solving and Decision Making for Leaders." A multidisciplinary degree, Regent's DSL program is designed to help leaders diagnose and solve modern business and organizational challenges.

Born in Chicago, Ewen is married with three children -- the eldest graduating this May from CCU -- and enjoys fly fishing, music, and outdoor photography.