News: Best-selling Author at CCU

Bestselling Author Jerry B. Jenkins Discusses Writing with CCU Students

Jerry B. Jenkins, author of three New York Times bestselling biographies and co-author of the popular Left Behind series, recently visited Colorado Christian University (CCU) to present during the upper-division capstone course, Integrative Seminar. The seminar afforded an opportunity for senior students to review and discuss aspects of the Christian faith and their relevance to contemporary issues and professional endeavors.

The standing-room-only topic of discussion for this particular class session was creative writing. Jenkins responded to questions posed by students in the seminar as well as those visiting from CCU's English and Theology departments.

One of the many high points reported by attendees was Jenkins's response to the question, "What makes writers good and books great?" The author shared insights from his publication, Writing for the Soul: Instruction and Advice from an Extraordinary Writing Life, and from workshops conducted by the Christian Writers Guild -- a 2,000-member literary mentoring organization that he established.

During the session, Jenkins also addressed scholarly issues related to the theology behind the Left Behind series and the impact it has had in supporting biblical truths. He also discussed differences in writing for adults and young readers.

"We have been honored by a longstanding relationship with this outstanding author," commented CCU President Bill Armstrong. "Jerry Jenkins is viewed as an extraordinary talent for both his writings and his commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our students were profoundly impacted by his presence on our campus."

Jenkins was the keynote speaker at CCU's 2007 commencement ceremonies. The award-winning feature film Midnight Clear, based on one of his short stories, was released on DVD in December 2007. Additional information about Jerry Jenkins and his publications and activities is available online.