News: CCU Gains Zoning Approval

CCU Gains Zoning Approval

Colorado Christian University is celebrating the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners' decision to approve the rezoning request for the University's Lyons Ridge property located near Morrison. The decision comes after years of planning and negotiations between CCU, neighborhood groups, the Jeffco Planning and Zoning staff, and the Planning Commission.

Due to recent growth, the current campus facilities are not equipped to meet the needs of CCU's expanding student population. As a result of the recent decision, CCU will sell the land to a professional real estate developer and use the proceeds as seed money for campus development, giving more students the chance to experience a transformational Christian education.

"This is a great, great victory for CCU," said CCU President Bill Armstrong. "We are grateful to our consultants for their professionalism in leading this effort, as well as to our trustees, faculty, staff, and friends who have faithfully prayed for our success and have supported CCU's plan. Most of all, we thank God for the outcome."

The approved zoning will lead to creation of an outstanding subdivision with generous areas designated for open space, along with buffer zones, no-build, and no-disturb areas. The plan also incorporates a public trails system and protects view corridors, ridge lines, and wildlife needs.

"This will be a neighborhood that the people of Jefferson County can be proud of, a good place for families to grow and prosper, to live in a safe and pleasant environment," Armstrong said.

A portion of the Lyons Ridge property was donated to the University in 1959 and has been home to various classes and activities for more than 40 years. However, operations during the last few years have been limited, and the University has concluded that the property would be better suited for a housing development.

"This was not an easy decision to make. But we believe alternative plans now on the drawing board will better serve our students, faculty, and staff," Armstrong said.