News: Holocaust Witness Visits CCU

Centennial Institute Hosts Eyewitness to Nazi and Communist Tyrannies

Hilmar von Campe, author of "Defeating the Totalitarian Lie," lectured on the Colorado Christian University campus today as a guest of Centennial Institute director John Andrews. Forced into the Hitler Youth as a boy in Germany, von Campe was later an infantryman in World War II, ending as a prisoner of the Yugoslavian communists.

Escaping to the West, he underwent a crisis of faith and concluded his Lutheran upbringing had produced only a "fake Christian." He vowed to make restitution by warning the free world against the fallacy of seeking political salvation in defiance of biblical truth. This he has done with six books in English, German, and Spanish -- the latter reflecting his long business career in Latin America before becoming a US citizen in 2005.

In three speeches to CCU students and faculty, von Campe explained his concern that we are in the late stages of a "global insurrection against God," including an abortion holocaust in the United States that now exceeds the death toll of World War II. For more information about Von Campe and his writings, please visit the Hilmar von Campe website.