News: Highlands Ranch Bid Withdrawn

CCU Withdraws Highlands Ranch Bid

After extensively consulting with developers, local officials, and members of the Highlands Ranch community through a series of public forums, Colorado Christian University announced today the withdrawal of its bid to build a new campus on open-space land in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

During fall 2009, CCU submitted a preliminary proposal to the Highlands Ranch Community Association to explore the purchase of a 100-acre parcel of open space south of Rock Canyon High School, west of Monarch Boulevard. If approved, the University would relocate its main campus to Highlands Ranch, boosting from a residential campus of approximately 900 students to a capacity nearly three times that.

Valued at approximately $10,000 to $12,000 per acre, the parcel was recently acquired by HRCA as part of a long-term agreement with Shea Properties, among others. Although designated as open space, the zoning allowed for specific types of development, including schools and parks. CCU proposed the expanded Highlands Ranch campus as a center of academic excellence as well as musical, cultural, and athletic events and facilities to benefit the local community.

"The management and board of HRCA listened courteously to our idea, but it quickly became obvious that there is little chance the board will decide to sell. So, we are now taking our proposal off the table and moving on," said CCU President Bill Armstrong.

As to alternate plans, CCU officials have been considering three other sites as well as redevelopment of the current 30-acre campus in Lakewood. Publicity about the Highlands Ranch proposal has also led to new offers of interest from several communities. A timeline has not been presented, but school officials hope to make progress on a decision in the coming months.

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