News: RN-BSN Students in Costa Rica

First RN-BSN Graduates Return from Costa Rica

In April 2010, the first four students to complete the online RN-BSN degree program had the opportunity to meet in San Jose, Costa Rica, as part of their capstone experience course. Although students have been enrolled in online nursing courses since January of 2009, the capstone experience provided the opportunity to meet in person, work collaboratively with an interdisciplinary team, and to form lifelong professional bonds and friendships. The capstone experience is designed to allow students to demonstrate their integration of knowledge and clinical competency--through working within an interdisciplinary team in discipline-specific practice, students demonstrate leadership within professional collegial relationships and integrate faith, learning, and nursing ministry.

While in San Jose, students had the opportunity to work one-on-one with qualified BSN preceptors at Roblealto Child Care Association. Founded in 1932, Roblealto is a Christian, nonprofit, non-governmental organization that works with children and their families from socially at-risk backgrounds. The mission of the organization is to share Christ's love, while defending the fundamental rights of children and adolescents with proactive initiatives including protection, security and stability, education, health, welfare, psychological counseling and Christian teaching. Over 750 children ranging in age from 9 months to 12 years receive nutritious meals, tutoring in schoolwork, and health, social and psychological services in one of three inner city centers.

The experience allowed CCU nursing students to provide healthcare services including pediatric wellness, growth and development assessments, health screenings, and health promotion teaching in nutrition and immunizations while utilizing their Spanish language skills in interactions with staff and children at the centers. Students were highly impressed with the comprehensive nature of services and the dedication of expert nursing staff that practiced servant leadership coupled with compassionate care; it was described as a life changing experience for all who were involved.

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