News: B.S. Criminal Justice Launched

CCU Launches Criminal Justice Program

Colorado Christian University has officially launched its new and distinctive Criminal Justice degree program. CCU is now offering a Criminal Justice associate degree in addition to a new certificate and bachelor's degree. The course of study provides educational opportunities in one of the nation's fastest growing fields.

The entire program is aimed at working adults and offered online as well as at a variety of locations throughout Colorado. Its unique tiered-structure presents students with continual academic success and workplace improvement as they progress from the certificate, to associate, to bachelor's level. With five-week classes taken one at a time, adult students have a program specifically designed for their learning style: intensive classes available in the evenings or online for men and women juggling school, family, and work.

"One of the things that I thought was very important was being able to provide a path for our students to get placed into the field sooner and have the ability to earn more income at multiple steps along the way," said Assistant Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing Chuck Klijewski, who works with College of Adult and Graduate Students at CCU. "In essence, every six months to a year students have the potential to earn more money and get a new placement in their job."

CCU's program employs criminal justice experts who are active in the field. Learning from professionals such as attorneys or police captains, students gain theoretical groundwork and practical know-how. Plus, with online classes, students can enroll in the program whether they are in Alabama or Afghanistan.

The program is structured to easily accept transfer credits -- to better meet the needs of an adult population. The admissions office for CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies will accept up to 90 credit hours from an outside institution, and any student with an associate degree from a Colorado state community college is guaranteed admission. Students can drop into the tiered program at any level.

This allows students to continually advance vocationally and financially and to better exercise their values as they take on more responsibility. The Criminal Justice program was developed at the directive of CCU President William Armstrong, who saw it as a potential positive force in society. Said President Armstrong, "Criminal justice is one of the most consequential issues of our time. The need to enforce our laws with fairness, justice and professional skill is a high priority for our state and the nation. This new major will help to prepare outstanding men and women for a very rewarding career in this important field."

Since large populations in law enforcement, the judicial system, and correctional facilities possess some level of faith and a belief in creating a better society, instructors at CCU hope students can capture that same vision. Rather than students asking how many criminals they put away, the instructors want them to ask how they are preventing members of our society from continuing down destructive paths and how they are making a difference in the lives of those around them.