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Colorado Christian University Sets Enrollment Record

Colorado Christian University released their latest census report this week, and the school continues to grow despite a sluggish economy. For the 2011-2012 school year, 960 students are enrolled in the University's College of Undergraduate Studies, up from 916 a year before.

Under the leadership of President Bill Armstrong, the last three years have seen the three largest freshmen classes in school history, and overall enrollment has increased by almost 100 students since 2008. This year sets the record as the largest enrollment during his tenure.

As higher education comes under increasingly hard times, a 10% population increase over the past three years communicates the value of an education at CCU. As Vice President for Student Life Jim McCormick said, "This shows that even in a down economy Christian parents value an education that couples the commitment of having students grow in their faith and hone their God given gifts and talents in a discipline that will someday impact His Kingdom."

Indeed, the school recently welcomed 366 freshmen and transfer students at the annual "Call to Community" event. The event offers a chance for new students to be welcomed by faculty, staff, and leaders of the student body. One aspect of the event entails parents ceremonially entrusting their children to the care of CCU.

As part of that care, Colorado Christian University envisions students who think critically and creatively, lead with high ethical and professional standards, and embody Jesus. Judging by growth, this timeless message clearly resonates with both students and parents. McCormick added, "As the world gets more unsure of itself economically, politically, and socially, parents are more than ever willing to stretch their finances to ensure that their son or daughter gets the foundational spiritual grounding that they need to be successful as a whole person in their lives ahead."

The higher enrollment numbers are a testament to various elements within the University -- not only admissions efforts -- and speak to the excellence of professors, residence directors, and support staff, who through their work have kept retention at a high level and continue to help make Colorado Christian University a place where students are challenged, supported, and engaged.