News: M. Organizational Leadership

CCU Announces Master of Organizational Leadership Degree

Colorado Christian University announces a new Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL) degree program. The course of study will provide students with a variety of skills to affect positive social change and tackle real world problems. It fills an important gap in CCU's graduate programs by providing a values-aligned, leadership oriented degree without the emphasis on finance.

Over five years in the making -- and the product of collaboration between various departments and divisions, including the business schools of CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) and College of Undergraduate Studies -- the MOL graduate degree program embodies the mission of CCU by providing academic excellence, spiritual formation, and distinctive opportunities for engagement with the world. The MOL will be one of the fastest growing online degree programs offered at CCU.

"Leaders of today and tomorrow are inspired and equipped to influence their organizations and their worlds," explained John Aldridge, Assistant Professor of Business and Technology. "The leadership of CCU saw a need for graduates who are prepared to lead and act as agents of change in today's world, and this Christian degree meets that need while reflecting the strategic objectives of the University."

The scholarly, research-based servant leadership program will integrate a variety of social and organizational theories, preparing students for an array of leadership positions in the nonprofit, for-profit, and public service sectors -- as well as future doctoral studies. Part of that preparation comes in the form of applying scholarship to systems of communication, including social media. "The class on social technology and public policy is a turning point in the curriculum," commented Aldridge. "Social technologies enable immense learning opportunities and robust participation in the American democratic process and the rules and regulations that influence public policy. By speaking into social space students will influence others in a positive way, while better understanding themselves and their purposes."

Another distinctive aspect of the MOL is the yearly National Leadership Session, which is required for all students. Hosted on CCU's main campus, the session affords learners an opportunity to apply leadership essentials face-to-face and offers another impetus to engage with and restore society.

The MOL program is planned to launch online in the spring of 2013. Visit the Master of Organizational Leadership website to learn more.