News: CCU Top Conservative College

CCU Named a Top Conservative College

Colorado Christian University has been named one of the Top Conservative Colleges in America by Young America's Foundation. The annual list noted CCU's commitment to conservative values in a variety of strategic and academic contexts.

Academically, CCU's core curriculum earned accolades, as every student in the university takes a course in western civilization, along with study in either theology or American history. This curriculum points to a larger strategic objective -- which sets CCU apart from "practically all other colleges," according to Young America's Foundation. This objective, a dedication to "traditional family values, sanctity of life, compassion for the poor, Biblical view of human nature, limited government, personal freedom, free markets, natural law, original intent of the Constitution and Western civilization," continually informs the flavor and academic rigor of the school.

Young America's Foundation also commented on Centennial Institute, CCU's think tank that works to promote faith, family, and freedom. As part of such an endeavor, the institute hosts events and discussions, inviting students to take an active role in public affairs. Speakers such as Governor Sarah Palin, Cal Thomas, and Rick Santorum visited the community within the last year.

President Bill Armstrong, in response to CCU's selection as a Top Conservative College, remarked, "Colorado Christian University is honored by the selection and delighted to be a part of the same cause that motivates both Young America's Foundation and Colorado Christian University."

Young America's Foundation is committed to fostering a generation of American leaders who understand the importance of freedom and America's founding principles Young America's Foundation Top Conservative Colleges list features institutions that "proclaim, through their mission and programs, a dedication to discovering, maintaining, and strengthening the conservative values of their students."

CCU is one of only 15 schools to be recognized by the foundation in their 2012 list. Young America's Foundation's 2012 list, originally reported by Fox News, is available online.