News: Full-time Credit Hours Raised

CCU Raises Full-time Credit Hours

This fall, students at Colorado Christian University will enjoy an extra hour -- should they choose to take a full 18 hour course load. In an effort to better serve its student population, CCU has redefined a full-time student as someone who can take 12 to 18 credit hours, up from the maximum of 17 a year ago. With most courses at CCU being three credit hours, the change will allow students to take six courses rather than five.

"This is one of several recent developments here at CCU that makes a quality Christian education more affordable," said Dan Cohrs, Vice President for Business Affairs at CCU. "Since it will now be no additional cost to take another three hour course each semester, a student can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to earn a degree."

"This reduces the cost of the degree, minimizes debt upon graduation, and allows for faster entry into the work force."

Cohrs emphasized this is part of an ongoing strategy at CCU to make higher education more affordable. Most notably, CCU has also focused on reigning in tuition costs. Compared to last year, the comprehensive tuition cost at CCU -- counting room and board -- will increase by only 3.3%. This stands as one of the lowest tuition increases among Front Range universities, and some public schools are raising tuition near or over 10% for the 2012-13 school year.

Other facets of the strategy to keep costs low include a larger range of co-op education offerings, an array of paid internship opportunities, dual credit from approved high schools, and increases in merit scholarships that outpace the rise in tuition.

This multifaceted approach by CCU, which is exactly what many families have to do to send children to college, helps the University meet various strategic objectives -- including attracting top students and serving the Church.