News: Legislature Honors Basketball

State Legislature Honors CCU Basketball

As special guests of State Representative Andy Kerr, the Colorado Christian University national champion women's basketball team was honored by House Joint Resolution 1018, celebrating Colorado girls and women in sports. The resolution coincides with the Women's Final Four in Denver and the fortieth anniversary of Title IX in 2012, and CCU's team was given special mention in the legislative session.

CCU won the National Christian Collegiate Athletic Association Division I women's basketball championship this month despite entering the field as the eighth and lowest seed. They defeated Cedarville University 62-44 to clinch the championship game.

Regarding the legislative honor, coach Tim Hays remarked, "This type of national championship has not happened at CCU before. It helps us showcase our team's foundational principles, of being a light for the community and a leader of the university." He went on to say, "It changes the expectations of the program. Just like each Final Four participant expects to win every year, our players and coaches now have higher standards."

President Bill Armstrong echoed Hays' sentiment. "With only two seniors graduating, there are many reasons to be optimistic for next year. I'm ready for next season to start tomorrow."

While the day was about athletics, much of the attention turned to corollary benefits from sports involvement. Representative Beth McCann noted that girls were only allowed to run half the length of the court and dribble three times in certain instances before Title IX. In the 40 years since, the number of participants in high school women's sports has increased 940%; the mark has grown by 450% in college. Beyond the rewards of teamwork, fair play, competition, and leadership, women in sports also show increased academic success.

It's those intangibles that created a place for BJ Moyes at CCU. Originally from Canberra, Australia, Moyes played basketball at the University of Akron before transferring to CCU this year. She scored a game high 19 points in the championship match. "I love it here," Moyes said. "The atmosphere, the girls, the state of Colorado. But the top thing is the relationships."

Tim Hays agreed: "Not only do I now get to recruit athletes to a team that expects to win championships, but I can tell them about a top-notch academic university with a unique close-knit community.'"