News: CCU Reaches 5,000 Students

CCU's Student Population Reaches 5,000

Following a few years of rapid growth, Colorado Christian University has seen its student population increase to over 5,000. Already the largest interdenominational school in the state of Colorado, CCU has continued to grow at a steady pace, including an approximately 20% increase over last year. Gains have been made in both the College of Undergraduate Studies (CUS), which hosts traditional undergraduates, and the College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS), which delivers programs aimed at adults online and via centers throughout the state.

Our continued instructional design focused on adult learners ensures that every student receives excellent instruction, support, and challenging academics," said Sarah Scherling, Assistant Vice President of Academic Administration for CAGS. "Students and employers alike have come to value high academic standards as a distinctive element to this institution, and we are continuing to seek new ways to deliver the cutting edge content today's student needs to thrive."

"We use outcome-based assessments for every class," continued Scherling, "to ensure the best delivery possible, and to ensure students are receiving the instruction they need -- and deserve."

As higher education has contracted over the last two years, universities are finding it increasingly necessary to present unique aspects of their programs to students. For CCU, one of those answers has been top notch academics -- recently, the school was ranked in the top 2% of 1,070 nationwide colleges and universities by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni. Another distinguishing feature, inherent in CCU's name, has been the Christian worldview.

"Colorado Christian University not only stresses academic excellence, but every student is exposed to a broadly evangelical Christian worldview," mentioned President Bill Armstrong. "This worldview grounds students in truth and challenges them to go out and impact the world for the better. I believe students are thirsty for such an experience, especially when you combine it with small class sizes, and professors and students who create a community of support."

CCU's traditional undergraduate program, centered on the Lakewood, Colorado, campus, boasts over 1,000 students -- the first time in the University's nearly 100-year history that the traditional program has topped 1,000. The adult and graduate program, run online and in centers throughout Colorado, recently admitted the 4,000th student and has grown at a pace of 25-35% for the past few years.

This rate of growth outpaces almost all of the largest online universities and indicates that CCU offers a product that is markedly different than most options.

The rate of expansion has also coincided with CCU rolling out new programs. On the CAGS level, the University has developed a master's of organizational leadership, a health care administration major, and a criminal justice major in recent months. These degrees help meet community needs and target areas in the workforce that are growing. Additionally, associate degrees have grown rapidly for students who are interested in more training without the commitment of a bachelor's degree. Plus, with CCU's deliberately tracked programs, those students will easily be able to return to school for a bachelor's should they decide to do so.

For traditional undergraduates, the school recently formally offered a pre-medicine degree, as well as a health sciences major.

"Our growth is a testament to the myriad efforts that go into making a strong and safe university," said Chuck Klijewski, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment Development for CAGS. "We've found a way to meet student needs while remaining uncompromising in our principles, and students have noticed."