News: CCU in Top 2% for Third Year

CCU Ranked in Top 2% of Nationwide Colleges for Third Year in a Row

For the fourth consecutive year, Colorado Christian University has been ranked in the top 2% of colleges nationwide. Ranked by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), CCU is one of only 25 institutions in the nation to earn an A rating for its core education.

We're tremendously proud of this achievement, said Vice President of Academic Affairs Cherri Parks, Ph.D. We have taken the time to carefully review courses to ensure that each and every student receives a comprehensive education that will prepare him or her for both a successful career and a productive life as a citizen.

ACTA's What Will They Learn? study examined more than 1,100 institutions across the United States and rated them according to whether they offer a comprehensive, liberal arts education. To do so, institutions must require students to study composition, literature, foreign language, U.S. government or history, economics, and science. Any institution that requires at least six of the seven subjects receives an A grade.

Colorado Christian University meets ACTA's requirements, while also requiring students to have an understanding of Christian theology. One of the school's strategic objectives is to help students impact culture and to be active citizens in the process.

Fewer than half of Americans believe students are getting their money's worth from a college education whether public or private. And, over six in ten recent graduates believe college did only a fair or poor job of preparing them for their careers.

ACTA's What Will They Learn? study is a response to such trends.

From our core requirements to our innovative Employment Management System, Colorado Christian University is standing against these trends, noted Parks. We are resolute in our commitment to prepare students for life after college and ACTA's A grade is one measurement of how we're succeeding.

ACTA has called Colorado Christian University a hidden gem because we have the core requirements for an A but also other requirements that further distinguish us. We are committed to teaching students to become well-rounded, informed, and productive citizens who will change the world.

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