News: CCU Music Professor Tops Charts

CCU's Charles Denler on the piano

CCU Music Professor Tops Charts With Latest Album Release

Colorado Christian University music professor Charles Denler’s latest album, Wild Mustang Suite, went to No. 1 on the June and September Radio Spin Charts and has more than 12 million plays on SoundCloud. The new orchestral suite received the prestigious Gold Medal at the 2018 Global Music Awards for Best Neoclassical Album. The music was recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and features a six-movement suite followed by seven pieces for solo piano.

“I am incredibly blessed to see how God has been using the music to reach people around the world,” Denler said. “I recently received a note from a woman that said she had a serious condition that was causing incredible pain in her knees. As she listened to the music she said that the pain completely disappeared. When I publish a new work, there is always the hope that the music will make a difference in the lives of the listeners."

Critics have praised Denler’s latest work.

"We all know that talented musicians can turn sonic wonders into very visible realizations, but Charles stands in a class of his own when it comes to using his musical brush to make the magic come alive … this is, without question, the most powerful orchestral suite I have heard in 2018," said Dick Metcalf of Contemporary Fusion Reviews.

"There is something very American about this piece and its musical depiction of freedom,” said Kathy Parsons at “Denler has created a magical work of art that celebrates the ‘spirit born of every living thing, longing to be free.’”

Denler, a composer in addition to his teaching duties, currently serves as the director of Worship Arts and coordinator of Composition and Music Production and Engineering at CCU. He has 200 film and television scores and thousands of concerts to his credit, has won multiple Emmys, and has been published with six American Music Company CDs, and two Reserve Music CDs. His American Symphony No. 1 is published on the Reference Recordings Label. Denler has also published three score books, The Orchestra, The Unspoken Narrative, and Moment At Dawn.

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