News: CCU Offers Exclusive Discount to MOPS International

CCU and MOPS International, Inc. Partnership

CCU Offers Exclusive Discount to MOPS International

Colorado Christian University's College of Adult and Graduate Studies has signed an exclusive strategic partnership agreement with MOPS International, Inc. The agreement offers a 30% discount to MOPS International, Inc. members toward undergraduate tuition in CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies and 10% toward graduate program tuition.

MOPS International members will be eligible for the new education benefits starting on June 1, 2018.

"MOPS is a family-oriented community of people who support mothers and have their hearts set on Jesus," said Dan Cohrs, chief financial officer (CFO) at CCU. "They are a wonderful organization and embody the same kinds of principles that we do as a university. My main hope is that by working together, we'll push the borders of Jesus' kingdom so that more mothers are equipped and trained to change the world for Him."

MOPS International headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is one of the largest organizations in the nation that supports moms of young children. They have groups that gather at churches for encouragement and fellowship and their focus is on helping women "realize their potential as mothers, women, and leaders."

CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies currently offers over 80 degree programs that can be completed 100% online.

"We're committed to bettering mothers and their lives through a deep partnership," said Mandy Arioto, CEO and president of MOPS International, Inc. "Often the season of mothering, especially mothering young kids, can feel like it requires putting your life on hold. That is why we love CCU's flexible online options for pursuing a degree. It makes it possible to pursue one's dreams, improve the lives of your family, and be present with your kids, all at the same time."

"As a mother of two kids and an alumna of CCU's online program, I have personally experienced juggling the roles of wife, mother, full-time employee, and college student - at the same time," shared Allison Sievers, vice president of Enrollment for CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies. "The flexibility offered by CCU's online programs made it possible for me to complete my MBA at a Christ-centered university, while still managing my other responsibilities."

Lacey Meyerhoff, the regional enrollment director (RED) for CCU's Lakewood Enrollment Center, agrees. "Our flexible scheduling allows moms to take courses at home, during nap time, and even when their kids are in bed asleep at night. Our programs are different because we work within your schedule - not the other way around."

Sievers continued, "When I heard that 52% of MOPS International members don't have a bachelor's degree and 80% don't have a master's degree, this strategic partnership seemed like a perfect fit. We know that in the past MOPS was approached by several colleges with offers for similar agreements. This exclusive partnership allows us to provide them with unprecedented tuition discounts and benefits."

"Through education, curiosity, and faith, moms are empowered," added Arioto. "This empowerment has a trickle-down effect - not only does she benefit, but her family does as well. When a mom invests in her own education, it has an exponential return on investment and contributes to generational change in her family that can reverberate throughout the world."

Prior to using the strategic partnership education benefits at CCU, MOPS International members will have to verify that they've been a member for at least six months. These benefits only apply to those who are official members of the international organization.

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