News: CCU Online, StraighterLine Partner Provides More Options for Adult Learners

CCU Online, StraighterLine Partner Provides More Options for Adult Learners

CCU Online and StraighterLine are coming together to provide adult learners an affordable and flexible way to complete general education courses. This new partnership allows adult students to save both time and money as they work to complete of their degree on their terms.

“This partnership will create a flexible pathway for adult learners and help them save a significant amount of time and money by completing the general education courses needed to graduate on their schedule and for less money,” said Roger Chandler, vice president of Student Success at CCU. “By partnering with StraighterLine, CCU Online is able to expand access to affordable online courses to help students successfully start, accelerate, and complete their bachelor’s degree online.”

StraighterLine is a leading provider of low-cost, online college courses for adult learners. CCU Online and StraighterLine make ideal partners as they are both focused on meeting the unique educational needs of busy adult learners, enabling them to accelerate their degree completion.

“CCU Online’s focus on creating an online undergraduate degree program for adult learners through its College of Adult and Graduate Studies aligns well with our mission to provide students the flexibility to complete general education courses online in a low-risk environment and on their schedule,” said Burck Smith, StraighterLine founder and CEO. “Through its partnership with StraighterLine, CCU Online is helping adult learners to affordably complete general education courses online and help reduce the total time and cost of their degree.”

With over 50 StraighterLine courses eligible for transfer to CCU Online, students can save more than $30,000 and reduce the completion of an undergraduate degree from four years to two years.

CCU Online recognizes adult learners lead busy lives — raising families, working full-time, or serving in the military. Life doesn’t always fit in a neat schedule. CCU Online’s flexible scheduling allows students to continue their education on their terms.

The College of Adult and Graduate Studies at CCU offers more than 80 academic program options designed exclusively for adult students. Programs include associate degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, certificates, and licensing programs in a wide range of subjects. Nearly all programs can be completed through CCU Online and many are available on site at one of several Colorado locations.

StraighterLine is an innovative higher education model that provides high quality online general education courses that colleges recognize for credit. StraighterLine’s low-cost online courses are offered to students for a $99-a-month subscription.

StraighterLine is among a select few online course providers to be invited to participate in the Department of Education’s EQUIP (Educational Quality through Innovation Partnerships) Program, which allows students to access federal financial aid for the chosen programs.

StraighterLine has developed a network of over 130 accredited colleges and universities that guarantee acceptance of StraighterLine courses.

Having been evaluated and recommended by the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT), StraighterLine courses will also be considered by more than 2,000 other colleges and universities for transfer to their degree programs upon request. StraighterLine currently serves over 25,000 individual students a year. Visit for more information.