News: CCU Dual Credit Surpasses 5,000

CCU's Dual Credit Program Surpasses 5,000 Students

Colorado Christian University's dual credit program has surpassed 5,000 participating students for the first time in the program's history. Dual credit provides high school students an opportunity to earn both college and high school credit for college-level classes taught by credentialed high school faculty.

"Our dual credit program offers rigorous, college-level courses at an affordable rate, preparing high school students for their future higher education endeavors," said Teresa Woodburn, director of CCU's Dual Enrollment Programs. "The option to earn both high school and college credit simultaneously presents an incredible opportunity for students and families."

Dual credit at CCU was launched in 2010 and has grown steadily in the nine years since. The program has expanded to more than 150 Christian, private, and public high schools in the United States and internationally.

"Without the efforts of our leadership, dual credit team, and support from many other departments on campus, we would have never been able to reach our goal of 5,000 students," Woodburn said.

Dual credit courses are typically junior- and senior-level courses that are more rigorous than normal curriculum.

"The program gives schools autonomy to teach their own biblically-based courses that align with our CCU courses, while using their own credentialed faculty," Woodburn said. "Dual credit would not be possible without the hard working teachers and administrators who represent each of our partnering schools."

Dual credit students pay a low, flat fee and have access to an extensive library and e-resources. CCU works closely with school administrators, counselors, and teachers to provide a smooth experience for students and families.

"CCU began the dual credit program to respond to the desires of high schools to provide higher-level courses to their students that would provide college credit as well as to offset the harsh reality of the costs of higher education for families," said Jim McCormick, vice president of Enrollment and Student Life. "The fact that we have grown from about 300 students to over 5,000 students in just nine years shows that we achieved both of these objectives."

Students are currently enrolled to earn more than 30,000 credits through the program. Since its inception, dual credit has helped high school students earn more than 136,000 credits toward their college degrees.

"Our program gives a student the opportunity to obtain college credit through coursework they completed over the school year without having to rely on just one test for college credit as in advanced placement courses," McCormick said. "At about $60 per credit, the program gives families the opportunity to cut college costs through high school courses that allow them to gain college-level credit."

While the majority of students take two or three courses during their high school career, some students have been able to earn up to 30 credits before high school graduation, effectively eliminating an entire year of college and the majority of costs associated with it.

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