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Billy Graham Exhibit Opens at Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University is excited to announce the opening of a one-of-a-kind exhibit chronicling the life and ministry of the 20th century's most prolific evangelist, Billy Graham. The exhibit, "To the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel Ministry of Billy Graham," features more than one hundred personal, professional, and promotional items that help tell the story of one man's mission to live the Great Commission and spread Christ's gospel message of love and transformation.

"As an evangelist, Billy Graham stands in line with a long train of noted evangelists such as George Whitefield, John Wesley, and Dwight Moody who led the way in gospel proclamation in their respective generations. Throughout his life Graham gave himself to the single-minded pursuit of evangelism," Dr. Donald W. Sweeting, CCU president, said. "As an innovator he launched bold evangelistic initiatives from helping to form Youth for Christ to breakthrough mass evangelism and Christian media. Graham's life and ministry had an unparalleled spiritual impact on America and the world. The exhibit is sure to be an inspiration to students, pastors, and Christian leaders all over the Rocky Mountain West."

The unique exhibit incorporates personal and professional items from Graham, his family, and associates that have never before been available to the general public. Additionally, the exhibit features several pieces that were previously on display at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

"I want to express a deep thanks to the generous donor who made this exhibit possible," said Eric Hogue, vice president of University Advancement. "It is only through collaboration with the donor, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the Graham family, and CCU faculty and staff that this truly unique endeavor is available for all to experience."

The interactive exhibit was curated by members of the University's School of Theology in conjunction with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the Clifton Fowler Library at CCU, and the University's Communication and Creative Services department.

"The newly opened historical exhibit 'To the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel Ministry of Billy Graham' at Colorado Christian University is a remarkable tribute to the extraordinary worldwide impact of a simple preacher of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ," David Bruce, longtime executive assistant to Billy Graham, said. "Mr. Graham would no doubt be overwhelmed at this review (photos, memorabilia, artifacts, and history), yet he would remind all of us of his commitment as a young man to Jesus Christ and to a life of preaching and service."

"To the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel Ministry of Billy Graham" coincides with CCU's Year of Evangelism and will be open to the general public beginning January 27, 2020. Online registration is required at

"This exhibit highlights the impact that one person can have in spreading the gospel of Christ," Dan Cohrs, executive vice president at CCU, said. "We hope this exhibit will inspire not only our students, faculty, and staff, but also our friends, family, and community members to live the Great Commission."

About the Exhibit

William Franklin "Billy" Graham Jr. (1918 - 2018) preached to an estimated 215 million people in 185 countries during a career spanning almost six decades. He was the most widely heard evangelist of modern times, an influential international ambassador for Christianity, and "America's pastor." Colorado Christian University, in conjunction with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, is proud to present a retrospective exhibit on the life and ministry of a man known to many simply as "Billy".

Highlights of the walking tour include sections focusing on Graham's marriage to Ruth Bell Graham and his early ministry; Graham's two Denver crusades — including Graham's sermon notes and a letter to Graham from Gov. Steven McNichols; and Graham's role as spiritual mentor to U.S. presidents and world leaders.

Reservations to tour "To the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel Ministry of Billy Graham" can be made beginning January 27, 2020. The exhibit is on display in the George Whitefield Center on CCU's main campus in Lakewood, Colorado. It will be open to the public through June 2020. To register, visit