News: CCU Launches New Academic Division

CCU Launches New Academic Division

Colorado Christian University is excited to announce the formation of a new academic division to extend educational opportunities to high school students via an online format. CCU Academy will house three areas within its division: the University's current dual credit program; a new dual enrollment online academy with general education courses; and a new associate degree program in liberal arts.

Since 2010, CCU's dual credit program has provided college courses in high schools around the country. The dual credit program serves more than 5,300 students in 165 high schools and has experienced 10 years of enrollment growth.

Today's CCU Academy launch builds on the success of the dual credit program by providing an opportunity for students all over the world to engage in online courses to help jump-start their college experience. CCU Academy provides students an opportunity to earn general education course credit that can be used at most colleges and universities across the nation.

Teresa Woodburn will serve as the dean of CCU Academy and Britt Snyder will serve as associate dean. The new academic division will live alongside the University's College of Undergraduate Studies and the College of Adult and Graduate Studies.

"This is a truly exciting time for Colorado Christian University as we deepen our commitment to providing Christ-centered liberal arts education," said Dr. Donald W. Sweeting, CCU president. "For more than 100 years CCU has prepared students to impact the world with grace and truth. CCU Academy continues this tradition and provides an incredible opportunity for high school students in Colorado, across the nation, and around the globe to earn college credits from a world class university at an accessible price point."

Initially 15 dual enrollment online courses will be offered through CCU Academy. Subjects will include English, anatomy, literature, theology and biblical studies, math, biology, communication, psychology, and art. These general education courses will be offered in three semester formats throughout the year in 15-week and 10-week sessions for $100 per credit. All CCU Academy online courses will be taught by CCU faculty from a biblical perspective and a Christian worldview. Courses will be available for individual students as well as high school cohorts offered by partner high schools.

With the availability of both dual credit and online dual enrollment courses, CCU Academy will also offer an associate degree in liberal arts that will complement the overall course offerings. The 60-credit liberal arts degree will cover the majority of general education requirements for college-going students, drastically cutting overall college costs.

"CCU Academy will meet specific needs for high school students wishing to complete college courses before they are out of high school", said Jim McCormick, senior vice president and vice president of Student Life for CCU's College of Undergraduate Studies. "It will not only be a cheaper option for them to earn college credits, but will give them a leg up on checking off general education courses before they go on with their college experience."

To learn more about affordable college courses for high school students, visit CCU Academy.