News: $5 Million Match Gift Completed

CCU Completes $5 Million Matching Campaign for the Armstrong Center

Colorado Christian University is excited to announce that it has secured more than $5 million in gifts to substantially complete the largest match gift campaign in University history, effectively raising $10 million toward the University's goal of securing $30.2 million in funding to construct the Armstrong Center — a 60,000-square-foot facility that will house the Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics, the School of Music, the University's first dedicated chapel, and the Clifton Fowler Library. To date, over $27 million has been secured for the Armstrong Center.

"It is only through the generosity of countless donors and the will of the Lord that we can continue our gospel-soaked mission of transforming students to impact the world with grace and truth," said Eric Hogue, vice president of University Advancement. "As we near the campaign finish line in our drive to secure funding for the Armstrong Center, we have been afforded the remarkable opportunity to complete what will be the signature building on the Lakewood campus. The Armstrong Center will benefit every student, be a respectful memorial to former President Bill Armstrong, and give glory to God's great name into perpetuity."

In October 2018, a donor who wishes to remain anonymous pledged $5 million in matching funds to the campaign to finance the Armstrong Center. When completed, the center is expected to serve as the new backbone of the academic quad.

"The completion of the matching campaign phase is a true testament to God's continued provision for Colorado Christian University," said CCU President Donald W. Sweeting. "Bill Armstrong was fond of saying 'great buildings don't make a great university, but a great university needs great buildings,' and our commitment to providing a world-class Christian liberal arts education is greatly aided by our facilities where we train up future leaders to impact the world for Christ."

The $5 million matching campaign was completed in just under 15 months and saw distinct donations from 320 CCU supporters and donors. The campaign was completed thanks to the generosity of donors both large and small. The largest match campaign donation totaled $790,000 while 143 individuals donated $5 to the campaign. The average match gift was $12,418. The completion of the matching gift campaign was first announced during the University's February 2020 Board of Trustees meeting.

The University is now entering the final stage of fundraising for the Armstrong Center. Approximately $3 million remains of the $30.2 million in total funding needed to begin construction.

"We're primed to finish strong as we enter the homestretch," Hogue said. "I'm confident that as alumni, parents, relatives, faculty, staff, and friends of CCU, we can steward the final $3 million to complete this vital campus development campaign."

To discuss a potential gift, please contact Eric Hogue, vice president of University Advancement, at 303-963-3093.