News: Counseling Program Enrollment Surpasses 1,000

Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Surpasses 1,000 Students

Christ-centered Professional Counseling Program Represents Two-thirds of all CCU Graduate Students

Colorado Christian University, the flagship Christian university in the Rocky Mountain region, is proud to announce that its Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MACMHC) program has surpassed 1,000 students. The CACREP-accredited program has seen exponential growth, expanding from 223 students in 2014 when an online class format option was added.

The largest enrollment of any program at CCU, students in the MACMHC degree program represent two-thirds of all graduate students at the University. Students come from all 50 states, with more than 80% of students taking classes online.

"There's a tremendous movement happening in the mental health profession right now," said Dr. Ryan M. Burkhart, director of the MACMHC program and associate dean of Counseling. "The explosive growth of our program is evidence that people entering our profession want to integrate Christian faith and sound clinical mental health counseling principles. MACMHC students represent the next teachers, leaders, and researchers of our profession. Imagine the impact they will have."

While CCU's high admission standards, CACREP accreditation, residency requirements, and other distinctives contribute to the program's attractiveness to degree candidates, Burkhart believes the program's growth can be directly tied to its Christ-centered framework.

"I believe the increase in enrollment for the counseling master's degree program is largely attributed to our students thinking beyond the degree they'll earn to the bigger purpose of advancing the restorative message of Jesus Christ and meeting people where they're at," Burkhart said. "That's what sets us apart from other institutions. That's what's attracting students from all over the country to CCU."

The Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program — offered in-seat and online through CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies in Lakewood, Colorado Springs, and CCU Online — combines rigorous coursework, experiential learning, and mentoring relationships designed to equip students to become culturally responsive professional counselors. A distinguishing feature of the program is the Christian framework that encompasses every aspect of the curriculum.

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