News: President Sweeting calls for prayer for Ukraine

Statement by President Sweeting on the invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an assault on a sovereign nation and violates international law and the fundamental human rights of the Ukrainian population.

We condemn this attack. It threatens the security of Europe. If this conflict escalates, it will have far wider consequences.

I urge all of us to pray that these hostilities end. Pray for the restraint of evil. Pray for the Ukrainian people who are under attack. Pray for the leaders of the world, and especially for wisdom for our president and his advisors. Pray for the humanitarian response of churches, organizations, and those preparing to receive refugees. Pray for the church in Ukraine, for courage, wisdom, and protection. And pray for peace and resolution between these nations.

Please take time today, on this Lord's Day, to pray. Ask your churches to devote extra time for prayer. We will continue having special times of prayer at CCU for Ukraine this week.

Yours in His service,
Dr. Donald W. Sweeting