News: Sigma Nu Tau Honor Society

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CCU Chapter Announced for Sigma Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Honor Society

Qualified CCU students and faculty and entrepreneurs in the local community to be inducted into the Sigma Nu Tau Honor Society fall

Colorado Christian University has been approved to start a chapter of the Sigma Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Honor Society ( Qualified junior and senior entrepreneurship students from the business schools of both the College of Adult and Graduate Studies and the College of Undergraduate Studies, as well as faculty and honored entrepreneurs in the community, can become charter members at the initial induction ceremony this fall.

"Entrepreneurship is an endeavor that can change the world. To impact the world is at the heart of CCU's mission. Our students, faculty, and honored entrepreneurs in our community have the desire to do just that. To be able to recognize and encourage them for their achievement through the launch of this honor society is a great blessing. Congratulations to all our charter members. I look forward to many more to come," Dr. Mellani Day, CCU Sigma Nu Tau advisor and dean of the School of Business and Technology in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies, said.

The entrepreneurship programs in both colleges are growing and it is fitting to recognize and honor the achievements and potential impact that these students will have in the world for Jesus.

Sigma Nu Tau stands for:

  • Sigma — The summation of education, experience, enterprise, and entrepreneurship;
  • Nu — To navigate uncharted waters to bring new ideas to life and enhance the world in which we live;
  • Tau — The tenacity to preserve and the determination to build something from nothing.

Besides the certificate of recognition for their achievements, the wearing of honor cords at graduation, and a few other perks, students will benefit from lifelong membership and networking opportunities through Sigma Nu Tau.