Faculty Spotlight: Angela Beeson

Meet Angela Beeson

Degrees and Experience
  • M.S., Educational Business Administration (American College of Education)
  • M.S., Economics (Beijing Technology & Business University)
  • B.S., Economics (Beijing Technology & Business University)
  • Advanced Chinese Teaching Certificate (International Profession Certification Association)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Angela Beeson currently works as an adjunct Chinese language instructor at CCU. She has worked at Hope International School both as the head of operations and a Chinese teacher. As a Chinese language teacher, she integrates technology into her classrooms and uses age-appropriate activities to increase student interest in language learning. Prior to teaching at HIS, Beeson taught Chinese as an adjunct instructor for a year in America. She has also taught English to various age groups in China. She enjoys teaching and is very passionate about helping students learn.

As head of operations, Beeson collaborates with other departments to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for teachers and students. She is a problem solver and an efficient employee. She likes to utilize data and technology in daily operations. Beeson uses data analysis to help school leadership in making data-driven and evidence-based decisions and in developing strategic plans. As a self-directed learner, she is motivated to seek personal and professional growth for her team members and for herself. She builds cohesive teams through effective communication and an understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds. Beeson finds ways to inspire the business office team to be lifelong learners. She believes in ethical leadership. She works to be an informed, reflective and accountable leader that equips, mentors, leads and motivates employees in the school.

Beeson also has experience working in real estate and in other administrative roles. She is competent in financial management, human resource management, procurement, and facility management.

Beeson currently lives in Colorado with her husband and three boys. She loves reading, traveling and watching good movies. Born and raised in China, being in a cross-culture marriage, and taught at an international school, she has learned to respect and enjoy other cultures.

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