Faculty Spotlight: Ashley Pancoast

Meet Ashley Pancoast

Degrees and Experience
  • MSN, Nursing Education (Colorado Christian University)
  • BSN, (Pensacola Christian College)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Ashley Pancoast has dedicated her nursing career to oncology nursing and chemotherapy infusion, with a deep commitment to caring for patients facing cancer. Her journey began in medical/surgical nursing, where she gained a year of foundational experience before transitioning to a specialty Oncology/Progressive Care Unit. Her role there allowed her to focus on oncology care and gain expertise in chemotherapy and various treatment regimens. Following that, she moved to an infusion center specializing in chemotherapy, further expanding her knowledge and skills in cancer treatment.

Pancoast then felt God calling her to teach, leading her to pursue an MSN in Nursing Education at CCU, where she graduated in 2024. Prior to her graduate studies, she served as an affiliate clinical faculty at CCU and was a clinical scholar for various Denver metro nursing schools at Sky Ridge Medical Center.

In addition to her clinical practice, Pancoast is passionate about nursing education. She leverages her extensive oncology experience to educate and mentor future nurses, preparing them to deliver compassionate and effective care to patients. Her dedication has been recognized with nominations for the DAISY Award and as UCH's Educator of the Quarter on multiple occasions. Now at CCU, Pancoast fulfills her dream of sharing her expertise and passion for oncology nursing with students, continuing to make a positive impact in both education and patient care.

Faith and Learning

At CCU, Pancoast integrates faith and learning by infusing her teaching with a Christian worldview. She believes in nurturing a supportive environment where students not only gain academic knowledge but also grow spiritually and morally. By integrating faith into education, she aims to inspire students to approach nursing not as nurses who happen to be Christians, but as Christians who happen to be nurses, emphasizing compassion, integrity, and a commitment to serving others. This holistic approach reflects the values of CCU, preparing students to make a profound impact in their profession and beyond.