Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Bryan Malone

Meet Dr. Bryan Malone

Degrees and Experience
  • D.C.S., in Computer Science (Colorado Technical University)
  • M.Ed., in Secondary Education (Eastern New Mexico University)
  • B.B.A., in Computer Information Systems/Business Administration (Eastern New Mexico University)
  • Post Graduate Work in Online Instructional Technology (Texas Tech University)
Biography and Professional Achievements

After earning his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems/Business Administration (Eastern New Mexico University), Dr. Bryan Malone went on to earn a Master of Education degree in Secondary Education (Eastern New Mexico University), and a D.C.S. in Computer Science (Colorado Technical University). The combination of scholastic and operational experience allows him insight into both the theory and practical implementation of cyber security in various business settings.

As a subject matter expert in applied cyber technology research, Malone’s areas of expertise range from cyber security, business development, computer science, software engineering, to network protection.

Publications and Presentations
  • Ryoo, J., Malone, B., Laplante, P. and Anand, P., “The Use of Security Tactics in Open Source Software Projects,” IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Volume: 65 Issue: 3, pgs. 1195-1204, 2016.
  • “Two Different Approaches to Online Course Offerings,” League for Innovation in Community Colleges conference on "Information Technology," Chicago, October 1999.
  • “Online Training Tools for the Internet,” Stop Surfing-Start Teaching National Conference: Teaching and Leaning Through the Internet, Myrtle Beach, S.C., February 1999.
  • Web-based Student Satisfaction Survey, 1999 New Mexico Higher Education Assessment Conference, Albuquerque, N.M., February 1999.