Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Connie Mitchell

Meet Dr. Connie Mitchell

Degrees and Experience
  • Ph.D., Organizational Leadership Studies (Tennessee Temple University)
  • MBA, Leadership Specialization (Liberty University)
  • B.A., Communications (Louisiana Baptist University)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. Connie Mitchell and her husband, Alan, live in Evansville, IN. Mitchell has worked in transportation, supply chain/logistics, and management for many years, most recently working in the distribution logistics environment. Since 2015, she has used her education and experience to help CCU students learn to infuse their faith into their daily work lives while facilitating supply chain, research, and leadership and management courses.

The Lord saved Mitchell as a teen and she is very thankful for being saved at such a young age. No doubt, she believes in salvation by the Father's grace through faith in Jesus Christ. It was during Mitchell's time earning her MBA at Liberty University, some 25 years after being saved, that she truly began to understand her faith and how to claim it and defend it. That is why she is passionate about teaching in a Christian university. It is important for students to be able to integrate Scripture into their daily lives away from the safety of a church gathering or church friends. This practice better equips people to know how to handle themselves in a workplace, whether secular or not. It is Mitchell's prayer that each student will go through each class and learn how to better apply the Bible and its instructions to his or her daily walk.