Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jared David Barber

Meet Dr. Jared David Barber

Degrees and Experience
  • Ph.D., Higher Education (Liberty University)
  • M.A., Linguistics (University of Colorado)
  • B.A., Linguistics (University of Colorado)
  • B.A., Spanish and Portuguese Language and Culture (University of Colorado)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. Jared David Barber, known as "Profe" (a shortened version of the Spanish word 'profesor') by his students, is a Colorado native whose dream has long been to serve at CCU.

Profe has taught as a professor in the realm of Christian higher education for nearly a decade, and sees Christian higher ed, especially at CCU, not merely as a career, but as a vocation – a life purpose to serve the greater Denver community for the glory of Christ. Profe served as a professor of Linguistics, Spanish, and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) for eight years at Liberty University (LU) in Lynchburg, VA, before joining CCU. He also served there as Director of the TESL program, and as Director of LU Spanish Institute. He was honored with LU’s highest award, the Presidents Award for Excellence in Teaching, in 2021.

Before becoming a professor, he served for three years as team leader and then area leader for a mission organization in Brazil, working in underserved inner-city schools to create a relational bridge with local churches. He coordinated the work of several missionary teams, discipling and training them in the organization’s distinctives and mission strategy, and spreading the organization’s teachings and values in the community.

Profe’s interdisciplinary educational and missional background has uniquely equipped him to serve as a professor of Global Studies at CCU. His PhD in Higher Education prepared him to serve as an education generalist, teaching in a wide range of disciplines and course formats. His Master of Linguistics overlaps with Global Studies on nearly every front, including such areas as intercultural communication and cultural anthropology. Profe is passionate about helping students to understand other worldviews and cultures while prioritizing and promoting the biblical and conservative worldview and our shared Judeo-Christian cultural heritage. Taken together, his background in study and in teaching allows him to offer students unique and valuable perspectives, to challenge them both to grow in their oral and written communication skills and their critical thinking, and to be effective and ethical professionals who transform the world with grace and truth.

Profe and his wife, Priscila, currently have three children, with hopes for two more. Theirs is a multicultural and multilingual household, where Priscila’s native Portuguese predominates, and where Spanish and English are also spoken. He and his family are delighted to be returning home to Colorado.

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Faith and Learning

Everything Profe does in the classroom prioritizes commitment to Christ and His Kingdom, and to global engagement. His heart is for sharing the good news—primarily with young believers who need constant encouragement in the midst of a hostile culture. In the classroom and beyond, Profe emphasizes the missional nature of all career callings. His hope is that students might begin to reflect on how to strategically seek God’s Kingdom and love Him and others no matter where they end up.