Faculty Spotlight: Joshua Cook

Meet Joshua Cook

Degrees and Experience
  • MLitt, Early Modern and Reformation History (University of St. Andrews)
  • B.A., History (Colorado Christian University)
  • B.S., Accounting and Business Administration (Colorado Christian University)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Joshua Cook was born in Colorado and studied both history and accounting at Colorado Christian University. After graduating as valedictorian, he worked in finance and accounting before continuing on to study at the University of St. Andrews in the United Kingdom for a Master of Letters degree. While undertaking his studies, Cook worked as both a teaching and research assistant, as well as a tutor for history and theology.

Cook's primary academic interests revolve around the religious, political, and cultural history of Europe, with a notable emphasis on the Reformation in England and Scotland. His current research examines how martyrs and the martyrological tradition were represented and understood by English chroniclers during the Tudor period.

Faith and Learning

The goal of history should be much more than mere memorization of dates and names; instead, it is a discipline that should increase one's understanding of the world. History offers people the privilege to uncover the stories of the past while correcting false narratives and bolstering support for the true record. At Colorado Christian University, there is the unique privilege of studying history not just as an intellectual pursuit but also as a means to strengthen one's Christian faith. History teaches believers the wisdom of the past and can help prepare them to give an answer for their Christian hope. At the same time, history should inspire obedience to the sovereign Lord as one reads of those who followed God, no matter the cost.