Faculty Spotlight: Dr. John Murray

Meet Dr. John Murray

Degrees and Experience
  • Ph.D., Educational Leadership (Auburn University)
  • M.A., Educational Leadership (Columbia University)
  • M.Ed., Sport Science (The University of Virginia)
  • B.A., Psychology (The University of Virginia)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. John Murray joined the CCU faculty as a full time instructor in the spring of 2017. He teaches online courses in the graduate education programs. Murray has been a classroom teacher, ACT/SAT tutor, science department head, high school principal, and university instructor in his more than 25 years as an educator. He chose education as a career because he loves helping people believe in themselves and loves helping them grow and learn. Murray has written two books: Effective Teacher Learning Practices in U.S. Independent Schools and Designing and Implementing Effective Professional Learning, and has published more than a dozen articles on schools and teaching. Murray holds a Ph.D. in educational leadership from Auburn University, an M.A. in school administration from Columbia University, and both an M.Ed. and a B.A. from the University of Virginia.

Murray is blessed to be a part of a university where he is able to freely profess his Christian belief and faith and is able to be a part of both the academic and spiritual growth of students. He has a passion for helping students learn and grow and feels most connected and whole doing so in a Christian community like CCU. Educators have a significant responsibility and a wonderful opportunity, and it is important that they embrace both if they are to positively influence the learning of their students.

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