Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Kathryn Palermo

Meet Dr. Kathryn Palermo

Degrees and Experience
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences)
  • MSN (Western Governor's University)
  • BSN (University of Colorado-Colorado Springs)
  • B.S., Biology (Dallas Baptist University)
  • Associate in Nursing (Front Range Community College)
  • Associate in Theology (Christ for the Nations Institute)
  • Certified Medical-Surgical Nurse from Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. Kathryn Palermo worked in the acute care setting for 15 years. She began her career on a neuro/joint/spine unit on night shift. From there Palermo moved into other areas of nursing and has spent time in quality improvement, leadership, and education. Palermo pioneered the safe patient handling program at a local Denver area hospital, leading to a significant reduction in patient handling injuries and more efficient equipment for patient transfers. She also built the workplace violence prevention team from the ground up at the same facility, which led to de-escalation training for all bedside staff, increased staff education, changes in policies, and a safer environment for healthcare workers.

Dr. Palermo was nominated for a Nightengale Luminary award in 2019 for her work with the above-mentioned initiatives. She worked with CCU as an affiliate for two years prior to her transition into a full-time position.

She believes that the foundation for nursing comes from the Bible. Biblical truths are weaved within the course content in the form of related scriptures and personal experiences. She likes to open each class with a reflection/devotion and prayer. By doing this she believes that it not only ushers in the Holy Spirit but also helps to build the faith of the students. She believes that CCU is unique when compared to other institutions because the morals and values based on the Bible have been prioritized. The expectation for students to grow into Christian leaders in the world is apparent. CCU supports instruction from a Christian worldview. These expectations and standards allow nursing students to learn to practice nursing as a ministry, not just a career.