Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Stephen Shumaker

Meet Dr. Stephen Shumaker

Degrees and Experience
  • Ph.D., Political Philosophy (University of Dallas - Irving)
  • M.A., Politics (University of Dallas - Irving)
  • B.A., Bible (The Master's College)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. Stephen Shumaker grew up in Japan, studied in Israel, and taught in Italy. His academic achievements continue to be shaped by his experiences. Shumaker was the dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. He has also constructed and directed a unique honors program called the "Honors Core," which blended academics, leadership and ministry services. He led faculty Great Books discussion with the undergraduate college faculty and he constructed and continued to direct a unique Christian Great Books M.A., centering on the comparison and contrast between various worldviews as articulated in the Bible and various Great Books of the Western world.

Academic papers
  • "Aristotle's Rhetoric for Saving Tyranny: An Education for Gentlemen, Philosophers, and Tyrants"
  • "Preliminary Considerations on Milton's Contribution to our Understanding of Godliness, Ministry and Education."
  • "Preliminary Considerations on the Politics of Xenophon's Cyrus and Israel's King David"
  • "Political Musings: Considerations on Joe Sachs' and Seth Benardete's Translations and Readings of Aristotle's Poetics"
  • "Socratic Political Rationalism in the Crito: Towards a Synthesis of Plato's Hipparchus and Minos"
  • "The Rhetorical Power of C.S. Lewis: An Inkling to Learn and Serve"