Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Thomas Waller

Meet Dr. Thomas Waller

Degrees and Experience
  • D.S.L., Business and Organizational/Strategic Leadership (Regent University)
  • M.P.A., Public Affairs and Administration (University of Colorado-Denver)
  • B.S., Urban Affairs and Political Science (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. Thomas Waller has been teaching with Colorado Christian University (CCU) since 2014 as an Affiliate Faculty of Business and Leadership courses in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies, School of Business and Technology. With 40 years of cumulative business experience in multiple sectors of the economy and in the public sector, Waller is a progressive critical thinking educator teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in business, entrepreneurship, marketing, organizational leadership, business research, organizational change management, and organizational behavior both in face-to-face and Online forums. In 2018, he was appointed to the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Business, Technology, and Leadership, Business and Technology Division, College of Adult and Graduate Studies, at CCU.

An entrepreneur most of his professional life, Waller has started, funded, and managed multiple small business ventures; served on the board of directors of numerous businesses, non-profit entities, and ministries; served as CEO and in senior leadership management roles in sales, marketing, business development, venture capital, finance, negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, real estate development, financial services, and; a business development consultant for many small businesses.

Waller has spoken as a presenter in over 2000 public speaking engagements in his business career and public service as an urban and transportation planner. He has raised over $600 million in venture and syndication capital for small businesses. He has expertise in Design Thinking, a cutting-edge customer-centric entrepreneurial methodology that entails the customer experience, journey, engagement, relationship and retention building, communication, product or service design, and solving problems.

Since beginning his teaching responsibilities with CCU, Waller has become a mentor to students he has taught who have reached out for direction in entrepreneurship, marketing products, leadership, and effective communication approaches for business strategies in product and service development, solving problems, and decision-making. Further, he is active in affiliate faculty meetings designed to improve teaching, student communication, critical thinking approaches in the classroom, cutting-edge student learning techniques, challenging students to excel in their verbal and written communications, and challenging affiliate faculty to be a critical reflective teacher.

Conference Presentations and Professional Achievements
  • Global Business Leaders Conference, 2019, Colorado Springs, CO. Presented and participated in panel discussions centered on Global Entrepreneurship, Business Coaching, Building Entrepreneurship Actions and Support Ecosystems, Raising Capital and Deal Flow, Business Engine Growth Mechanisms, Cash Flow Runways, and Sustainability.
  • Leadership Institute for Entrepreneurs, 2019, Colorado Springs, CO. Presented and participated in panel discussions center on Disciplined Entrepreneurship and the MIT Systematic Approach to a Successful Startup.
  • Journal of Business, Technology, and Leadership, Editorial Review Board for the Business and Technology Division, College of Adult and Graduate Studies, Colorado Christian University.
  • Waller, T (2017). Master of Design Thinking & Venture Development Curriculum Development. Regent University. A 12-course Master’s Degree Curriculum Development in Design Thinking and Venture Development.
  • Colorado Christian University (2018). Design Thinking Inclusion in CIT Undergraduate Course Program Development.
  • Saylor Academy (2019). Curriculum Review, Design, and Development of Select Business Courses.