Student Spotlight: Jenn Kovach

Meet Jenn

What Inspired You to Complete Your Degree?

After I graduated with my bachelor’s from CCU, I had a new sense of confidence to do more with my life. For many years I suffered from debilitating anxiety, however, something changed within me when I started attending CCU. God used CCU to push me out of my comfort zone and into my calling.

Degree Plans:

I am empathetic and have developed a passion to diagnose, support and motivate others to achieve optimal mental and emotional health. Currently, I am using my degree to help patients overcome their opioid addiction.

Valuable Assets:

My support system at home was a vital part of my success. My kids respected my dreams and they allowed me to give 100 percent of myself toward my education. My parents were also a huge support system for me as they supported me emotionally through the process. Another valuable asset were my colleagues at CCU as they were constantly encouraging and praying for me.

Why CCU?

CCU appealed to me because of the biblical worldview. I appreciate being around all different types of people who believe in different things. I believe CCU’s vast interdenominational student body gave me a bigger perspective on tough subjects that the world is currently going through. I loved being a part of the bigger Christian community.

Work/Life Balance Experience:

Before I started my education process at CCU my mother told me, “If getting a degree was easy then everyone would have one.” That quote motivated me when the balance of work, school, family and church became too much for me to carry. At times it was very hard, but I knew achieving my goals would teach my children to never give up on their dreams!

How Did CCU Make it Possible?

The support from my CCU peers and faculty is what got me through my degree. Not only did I know that the CCU staff genuinely believed in my success, but that they also personally prayed over the hardships that I was enduring. I am positive that it was the many prayers of others that got me through my master’s program.

Most Memorable Experience:

Graduation day! There is no better joy then walking on stage, grabbing your diploma and looking out into the crowd and seeing your loved ones with the happiest of faces.

Faith Integration:

CCU helped me understand how important my faith is in regards to every aspect of my life. Being around a diverse group of believers will prepare you for the real world.

Overcoming Obstacles:

My daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia when I was one year into my master’s program. Deciding to stay in school while she received chemo was by far the hardest obstacle I have overcome. I believe having a healthy support system, as well as the prayers of many others, is what helped me.

Advice for Prospects:

If you are looking for a good support system to get you through school, then CCU is the place to be. Stays committed to your dreams and never ignore the small voice inside of you that is pushing you towards the calling God has put on your life.

How Affordable Was CCU:

If it was not for financial aid I would not have been able to afford college.

Value of Your Education:

There is no monetary price you can put on your education. Education is powerful and it is in our education that we become the true stewards of God. My education through CCU has helped me live out the dreams that God put into my heart many years ago.