Student Spotlight: Lindsay Johnson

Meet Lindsay

Where do you work?

I am the founder of a nonprofit 501c3 called Anchor180, and I'm an intervention specialist with Farmington Municipal Schools.

What inspired you to go back to school to complete your degree?

I have always desired to finish my degree after giving birth to my oldest child and dropping out of high school at 16. I come from a very well-educated family, and I was the only one without a degree. I never dreamed it would be possible, with the cost of five kids and my hands plumb full, until I met my enrollment counselor at CCU!

What prompted you to continue your education?

I have never graduated from anything except kindergarten. I have suffered a lot of child abuse and led a very sinful life until I was about 27 when I came face-to-face with God. I want to tell everyone I know about Him, and I felt that I needed a good foundation of education behind me to do so more successfully. I can't think of anything that made me prouder of myself or my family prouder than to watch me finish something GOOD!

Why did you select your field of study?

I chose Applied Psychology because I speak in churches and secular schools. When I travel and speak, there are a lot of students who want to share their story, and I felt the psychology piece would help me counsel and the biblical part would help me share the truth of Christ while doing so.

What do you plan to do with your degree?

I have a strong desire to do anything in ministry where someone is struggling (teen pregnancy, abuse, adoption, addiction, divorce, etc.) and to share the love of God with them. I have found myself facing each one of those struggles through life, and I wish someone would've grabbed a hold of me and asked if I knew Jesus Christ. Knowing Him has changed my life, and I believe He is the answer most lost people are looking for.

How did CCU make it possible for you to achieve your goals and pursue your passion?

CCU accepted most of my college credits from a community college I previously attended. This placed me as a junior working towards my bachelor's degree. Honestly, my enrollment counselor worked so hard at getting everything done so quickly. I did everything online from home in between all my other “to-dos.” I researched and worked hard at finding an alternative to loans and thanks to CCU's competitive online pricing, I graduated with my bachelor's in 2021. Praise God!

What were the top 2-3 things that helped set you up for success as a student at CCU?

My enrollment counselor was No. 1. The professors and my student success advisor were all a huge help to making sure I took the right courses along the way so I could finish in the least amount of time.

There are many options when it comes to choosing a school. Why did you choose CCU?

I loved the foundational beliefs and standards set by CCU. I loved that every single class is five weeks so I could take one at a time, and I learned how each class subject relates to God.

How does CCU help you integrate faith in your personal and professional life?

I was reminded daily in every assignment that God is all in all. He was the main focus in all of my classes; and even in the psychology classes, there was a section in each chapter about how it relates back to Him. My teachers had prayer request discussion forums and I was empowered to live boldly for Christ.

What challenges did you face during your time as a student at CCU?

It isn't easy to go back to school after you have been out for so long, and I don't think there is ever a perfect time to go back as a mom or dad, but the years pass whether you are in school or not. It wasn't easy to stay up to do homework when I could have been watching TV or going to bed, but it was all so worth it when that diploma was placed in my hand.

How has CCU made it possible for you to complete your degree?

The class sections are five weeks so I could focus on one at a time. They developed a plan and a goal that allowed me to finish in the least amount of time. I never had to travel to the university to do any of my classes and I did all of it from the comfort of my home.

How would you describe the value of the education you received from CCU compared to your investment?

I think it is above the rest in Christian education for any student whether you are completing a degree online or on campus. The main goal is to focus on getting a good education with a firm foundation in God.