Student Spotlight: Melissa Allen

Meet Melissa

What inspired you to go back to school to complete your degree?

I was inspired to go back to school so that I would be better prepared to advance my nursing career. I was accepted into NP school and then obtained a position as the RN Educator and felt that an MSN with a CNS focus would be a better fit. I decided to continue on with the DNP program at CCU because of the experience that I had during the MSN program.

How is CCU making it possible for you to achieve your goals and pursue your passion?

CCU has made it possible to continue to grow my family while being successful in my career. The instructors are supportive and provide rubrics that are clear as to how the papers/projects will be graded. The knowledge that I have gained during my time at CCU has directly helped to improve my performance at work.

What are the top 2-3 things that helped set you up for success as a student at CCU?

  1. The support from the graduate nursing program director and instructors is exceptional. Dr. Mauk has been open and honest with her professional guidance in regard to my ongoing career goals and personal work-life balance.
  2. All of the instructors and CCU support staff have been responsive to any concerns or questions that I have had throughout my experience.
  3. Even though the program is online, it feels very personal with the online discussions and with the campus being local.

How does CCU help you integrate faith in your personal and professional life?

CCU provides biblical discussions and prayers with our online discussions. This gives me the opportunity to have designated time studying the Word of God. I have spent more time studying the Bible during my time at CCU than in all the years of my life prior. My husband also proofreads my assignments and has stated many times over the years how much he enjoys reading these discussions because it helps him to also dive deeper into the Word of God.

What challenges (if any) did you face during your time as a student at CCU?

I have only experienced elective personal challenges which includes having a baby in February 2018 and another one in April 2020, bringing my number of children to four. The CCU curriculum allows flexibility during the week to complete the readings and assignments. This has always given me the opportunity to just work harder and be successful.

How has CCU made it possible for you to complete your degree?

CCU provides clear instructions and grading through the online learning system. Having the information for the entire course allows for planning appropriately and being prepared for what is coming. The CCU bookstore has also made it much more convenient to receive the necessary books without having to order each time.