Student Spotlight: Martin Kaufmann

Meet Martin

How has your degree assisted you in your life and career?

I love using my skills and talents of building things and helping others. In my career of orthotics and prosthetics, these skills and talents meld into a rewarding opportunity. During the past five years, I have developed a passion to help people from the inside (therapy) by building cognitive and emotional well-being.

My counseling master's degree equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish my new career and passion. The opportunity to engage in course material with industry leading professors from a Christian worldview proved invaluable.

What inspired you to go back to school?

I desired to gain knowledge and skills, and to increase my awareness of mental health so that I could bring about restoration and joy to people. I knew that I wanted a degree that enabled me with the needed academic background to effectively engage in this profession.

What do you plan to do with your degree?

I have two primary aspirations. The first is to provide direct counseling services to individuals and families. Second, I am working with several friends to create a national movement bringing Jesus and his message of forgiveness, freedom, and abundance to the forefront of our culture — specifically, to the teenage and early adult audience as they are in the process of resolving upon an identity.

There are many options when it comes to choosing a school. Why did you choose CCU?

I chose CCU because of its faith-based integration and rigorous academics. I was not interested in a counseling program that was not faith based, nor was I interested in a faith-based counseling program that did not have rigorous academics. CCU was the perfect combination of these attributes. The faculty was the most impressive aspect of these two variables. Their modeling demonstrated how an effective counselor can model Christ's grace and truth!

How has CCU made it possible for you to complete your degree?

The online course offering was my gateway to success. The structure of the courses, the assignments, and the on-site residential programs offered me certainty of course work, due dates, and my academic progression. As each of these variables was laid out clearly, it was possible to break down my academic path into daily tasks.

What prompted you to continue your education?

I attended a men's weekend retreat offered to help restore and visualize big dreams and goals. After that conference, I became aware that I had skills and a passion to help others improve their functioning and quality of life. Helping others in this way became very attractive to me as I consider my next 25 years in a new career.