Student Spotlight: Scott Russo

Meet Scott

What Inspired You to Complete Your Degree:

I wanted to set an example for my four boys by having a post-secondary education.

Degree Plans:

I still have nine years left in the service. However, I will take the LSAT and make an attempt at law school.

Why CCU:

CCU is Christ centered and they mean that. CCU and I have the same core values.

Work/Life Balance Experience:

The course load is where it needs to be. The work makes you think critically and yet is not so intense that it takes away from working your daily job.

How Did CCU Make it Possible:

CCU has five week blocks, which allows for a faster time to complete courses. With the "my progress" page it allows me to stay goal-focused by seeing what I have completed and what is left. Above all is the staff. Every staff member I have encountered has been very kind and very professional.

Most Memorable Experience:

With every class there is a memorable experience. There was a time where I was having trouble with a paper. I called my professor on a Saturday (after hours) and he worked with me on getting the correct information for my paper. That is a professor that cares and went above and beyond to help a student.

What prompted you to enter the service:

I wanted to provide for my family.

Has your education affected your military career:

Once my degree is complete, it will separate me from my peers. The military will view it as self-improvement and it will lead to a promotion over my peers. With the amount of writing in the CAGS classes it has also enhanced my writing skills.

Do you think education is of particular importance to military members:

Yes. When a service member is educated, they tend to make better decisions. As a leader, the reports that they must write are clear and concise. The Department of Defense has understood the need for an educated force. The DOD has placed an emphasis on education that it is required for promotion.

God's faithfulness in your journey:

We all have our walk and at times we do not want to go on. God has kept me focused when it got hard and I wanted to quit. With CCU incorporating the Lord in all course work, it helped me keep my eyes on the prize.