Student Spotlight: VaShon Hampton

Meet VaShon

What Inspired You to Complete Your Degree?

As I searched my options for a higher level of commitment and challenge, I felt the impression from God to seek a higher education. This would become the choice of a lifetime, a choice of change, a milestone of great achievement. Through prayer and courage, I finally made the decision to enroll in the CAGS program at CCU, and my pathway of education — combined with spiritual direction — became very clear. This was my chance to better myself and reach the full potential God had planned for my life.

What Are Your Degree Plans?

Building on my Biblical Studies Certificate and my bachelor's degree, my career goal is to facilitate organizational management programs through the development of core leadership, assisting small groups in a mega ministry. I also plan to launch a faith-based counseling center, resource, and rehabilitation clinic and provide a restoration system for recovering drug, alcohol, and sex abusers.

Why Did You Choose CCU?

CCU offered exemplary academics with a spiritual formation. This was a perfect balance and opportunity to leverage my education and line it up with my faith. It was my chance to step out on faith and trust God on a journey that I initially thought I'd never complete. At some point, doubt came quicker than confidence, but eventually, with lots of prayer — and committed study habits — I faced the challenge, and the results have proven to be a great success. I am the first to graduate college in my immediate family.

What Was Your Work/Life Balance Experience?

It was a slight challenge to balance school, work, and family, but the course structure allowed me to keep up with everyday life. My family supported me through the entire course. This made it easier to stay focused and finish my courses. The late-night papers due before midnight were indeed a challenge. However, the balance of support and the academic structure of classes allowed me to manage both family and education without an overwhelming experience.

How Did CCU Make It Possible?

CCU offers a faith-based education with an extended amount of learning opportunities. This narrowed down my choice to just a handful of institutions. Having specific options for educational training and studies made it easy for me to choose. CCU offered exactly what I was looking for, plus more.

What Was Your Most Memorable Experience?

My most memorable experience would be the divine subjects of my courses and how they were relative to my life. The amazing journey to pursue my education was not only a great career choice but also an inside-out view of my own life. As I took courses, the literature, topics, and projects would somehow be linked to a current experience in my life. It felt as though God was structuring my life through the course I took at the time.

How Was Faith Integrated Into Your Education?

Each course shared an amount of scripture with Bible-based literature for spiritual inspiration. The faith-integrated courses built a spiritual formation for my life, which ultimately helped me to develop a healthy quality of life.

How Did You Overcome Obstacles?

I overcame fear and lack of confidence by choosing to stand in the place of doubt and claim victory over my fears and past disappointments. This gave me the platform to establish a momentum that would carry me through my entire journey from beginning to end. I had to remind myself of the scripture, "With God, all things are possible"(Matthew 19:26).

What Advice Do You Have for Future Students?

Take the step toward achieving your goals, CCU is an advocate for great success. Taking the initiative to rise to the occasion of opportunity will prove to be one of the best decisions of my life. Walt Disney stated, "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

How Affordable Was CCU?

I thank God for financial aid and other scholarship opportunities. This was a tremendous help and assistance to my education. With a load of other financial responsibilities that a family can hold, it was a tension relief to have financial assistance.

What Value Do You Place on Your Education?

I valued my education at CCU as a high-quality achievement, and I am very humbled to join the alumni of a great University.

How Do You Plan to Use Your Degree?

Five years from now, I want to plant a small Christian-based counseling center in Centennial, Colorado. It will consist of mental health counseling and marriage and family therapy; family will be the focal point. Short-term use of my degree will be utilized in school career counseling, starting in the public schools in my old neighborhood. I may look into forensic psychology; the details have always been an interesting factor.

What Do You Enjoy Doing Outside of Work/Online Courses?

I enjoy preaching, teaching, group training, spending time with my family, traveling, outdoor activity, singing, playing instruments (piano and drums), modeling/acting, riding my motorcycle, and shopping for clothes.