Student Spotlight: Caitlin Bader

Meet Caitlin

Why CCU?

I chose CCU because from the moment I stepped on campus I knew that this was where I was meant to be. I had not thought about going out of state for college until I found CCU. I love that CCU recognizes the importance of not only being challenged academically, but spiritually as well. It is so important to have the integration of faith and learning.

How did you hear about CCU?

I heard about CCU originally from a card in the mail. I love Colorado and it was a Christian university so I definitely wanted to look into it more. My mom is a Christian school teacher and she attended a conference where the keynote speaker was Dr. Jeff Meyers, president of Summit Ministries. She loved his talk and he is on the Board of Trustees at CCU so that gave an even greater draw to learn more about CCU. 

How is your CCU experience?

I have absolutely loved going to CCU! The integration of faith and learning is so important especially in the field of psychology. Psychology in secular universities can become distorted and being able to back up what I'm learning with biblical truth is giving me the foundation I need to be a good counselor. I like being immersed in an environment where other people also wanted to be challenged spiritually. 

What do you hope to achieve after you complete your degree?

After I graduate, I hope to get my Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and become a therapist. I am passionate about missions and also I also want to pursue being a therapist for a missions team.