Student Spotlight: Jared Melton

Meet Jared

Why CCU?

Colorado Christian University presented itself as an academically and spiritually rigorous university which aimed to produce a student who was fully prepared to go into their field. They claimed to prepare their students to live in the world, but not to be of it, and to have Christ permeate their entire existence including, but not limited to, their vocation. CCU has surpassed my expectations regarding all of this, even in my first semester at CCU. I am continually astounded by the constant spiritual and practical guidance offered by the faculty, staff, and older students. 

How did you hear about CCU?

As an odd pastime, I collect ties, and I found, over 1,000 miles away from campus, a CCU tie at an estate sale in my hometown. I would rephrase the question of "How did you hear about CCU?" to "How did God allow CCU to find you?". When I got the tie, I began looking into the school and quickly found that it was precisely what I was searching for. After that, the enrollment counselors did a wonderful job of maintaining contact in a non-annoying, but persistent way. I fell in love with the campus and ideals offered here at the University. 

How is your CCU experience?

CCU brings to light the educational needs that I have and makes certain to include Christ into every one of them. The president of the university, Dr. Don Sweeting, put it plainly--and I paraphrase-- that CCU is not a church, but merely a tool of the church, however we are still the Church of Christ, and will do everything to promote His great commission. CCU certainly realigns me with Christ daily through discipleship groups, Chapels, story time, and many other Christian campus benefits. One of the girls that lives in my sister stairwell said she had the chance to spend her four years challenging her faith at a public university or growing her faith at a Christian university. I found that in the midst of tremendous spiritual growth lies outstanding trials and challenges, but CCU has very adequately prepared its staff, volunteers, and student body to help one another on that journey, and I couldn't be more thankful. 

What do you hope to achieve after you complete your degree?

I am a double major in Math Education and Theatrical Directing, two majors that do not really go together. I know I am called to teaching and youth ministry, and since arriving at CCU, God has revealed to me a more specific and targeted approach to that calling. I hope to be in the public education setting to love and pour into kids, modeling for them how life can be lived with such great joy and abundance. I also hope to be a director in Christian Youth Theatre in the evenings. CYT is a great organization which aims to show Christ's love to kids ages six to eighteen years old using theatre and storytelling. It changed my life completely and I hope to make an impact on the next generation in that way. CCU is preparing me to both model Christ in the difficult environment of public school and through words in the more open environment of a Christian organization.