Student Spotlight: Josh Rogers

Meet Josh

Why CCU?

I chose CCU because of the Holy Spirit’s presence here and the incredible experience I had during a Preview Weekend. God has laid down a path for me to be here and put people in my life that showed me who a God-loving community is built of.

How did you hear about CCU?

When I saw CCU on an advertisement online, I didn’t really think much about it but my mom encouraged me to add it to my college list and give it a shot. The more I looked into the school, the more I fell in love with it and came to CCU for a Preview Weekend in October 2021.

How is your CCU experience?

CCU quickly became my home. At the Preview Weekend, I became close with a group of fellow students. Six of them ended up also attending CCU and we have stayed connected and spend a lot of time together. I have also been blessed to be mentored by a couple upperclassmen who have taken me under their wing. CCU’s Business classes have exceeded my expectations and I am so happy with the path God is laying down in my life at the moment.

What do you hope to achieve after you complete your degree?

Using my degree in Business Administration and potentially adding Marketing, I plan to be a domestic business consultant, spreading the Word of God.