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CCU Symposium 2021

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Each year, CCU students, faculty, and staff gather for the Symposium program. The program is an invitation to gather in community, learn about current issues within our nation, and teaches all attendees how to respond to issues with love, purpose, and impact.

Previous Symposium themes:

  • Year of the Self: Finding Our Identity in Christ Alone (2023) — 2023 Symposium Schedule
  • Socialism and Capitalism: A Closer Look (2022) — 2022 Symposium Schedule
  • Habits of the Heart: You are what you love (2021) — 2021 Symposium Schedule
  • Broken & Beautiful: The Church as the Bride of Christ (2020) — 2020 Symposium Schedule
  • Year of Evangelism (2019) — 2019 Symposium Schedule
  • Being Human in a Post-Christian Age (2018)
  • The Unchanging Gospel in a Hypermodern Age (2017)
  • Religious Liberty (2016)
  • Year of the Bible (2015)
  • Reclaiming God's Design for Relationships (2014)
  • Redeeming the Time: Following Christ in a Secular Era (2013)

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