News: School of Theology Launched

Colorado Christian University Introduces School of Theology

In response to the rising demand for theological training, Colorado Christian University will be introducing a School of Theology in the fall 2005 semester. The new school will merge the biblical studies, theology, and youth ministry areas of study into a comprehensive organization that aims at offering students the best possible academics and scholarship around theological studies.

The dean for the School of Theology is Jeff Mallinson, former assistant to the provost and associate dean over the School of Business and Leadership at CCU. Mallinson received his doctorate in theology from Oxford University in 2000. While pursuing his doctoral degree, he had the opportunity to study under noted theologian, Alister McGrath. In addition to his service at CCU, Mallinson has several years of church ministry experience.

The new School of Theology will be designed to give CCU a presence in the evangelical community nationwide. Mallinson also hopes this new school will better serve local churches through providing them more opportunities to interact with the CCU community.

"The new School of Theology has every reason to grow and become an important voice in the evangelical academy," Mallinson said. "I believe we can show the rest of the nation that an academically rigorous, creative, and thoughtful program can thrive when combined with sincere faith in Christ."

The School of Theology will offer bachelor's degree programs in biblical studies, theology, and youth ministry next fall. In the future there are plans to expand academic offerings to include undergraduate degrees in missions and graduate programs.