News: CCU and Young Life Partnership

CCU Partners with Young Life and Mile High Ministries, Offers Groundbreaking Academic Programs and Apprenticeships

Colorado Christian University has welcomed a new kind of student to its campus this fall 2007 semester. In addition to offering one of the only "Young Life" minors in the country--in conjunction with Young Life, an innovative national Christian youth organization--this year the University is helping educate members of the newly launched Transformative Leaders Apprenticeship (TLA).

TLA began in Denver in July 2007 as a joint operation between Young Life and local Mile High Ministries. The program offers opportunities for aspiring youth leaders to apprentice with masters in their field. Upon successful completion of coursework requirements, students are also reimbursed for their full semester costs.

The two-year TLA program consists of five key components. First, students live in Issachar Community, an apartment building adapted for the program, and learn interpersonal and self-management skills. Second, they attend classes at CCU toward earning the Young Life minor in addition to a major of their choice. Third, students interact with low-income, high-risk communities to develop the necessary skills to enter, understand, and reach out to marginalized populations. Fourth, they gain a spiritual foundation by learning about the common practices of Christians across the ages. Finally, students serve with Mile High Ministries to prepare for future leadership opportunities.

"If you look at Christ's relationship with his disciples, you understand how amazing it will be to live in community at the Issachar house," commented Eric Ebel, a new TLA enrollee and graduate of Thomas East High School in Denver. "It's a community of people living radically together while receiving the gifts of instruction, education, fellowship, and life-changing outreach ministry opportunities. It's Christ's vision lived out through the partnership of Mile High Ministries, Young Life, and CCU."

CCU's Young Life Leadership minor consists of seven courses that train students for service in Young Life evangelism and discipleship ministries. The program was designed to explore the theological, sociological, and developmental basis behind the Young Life vision, and to create opportunities for implementing these understandings among junior and high school audiences.

We are thrilled to partner with Young Life--a ministry that has been instrumental in the faith development of many CCU faculty members and students," stated Dr. Jeffrey Mallinson, dean of the CCU School of Theology. "Few tasks are as worthwhile or rewarding as training future leaders of this premiere organization."