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Scholarship Itself is Ministry to the Church and is for Service to the Church.

CCU's School of Theology is committed to cultivating the minds of students who have godly character and who demonstrate both thoughtfulness and maturity. Our desire is unique among theology schools in Colorado: to come alongside you to offer encouragement, direction, and support as you become a well-founded evangelical scholar.

As a student in Christian theology, you will participate in rigorous academic programs that will help you understand a variety of viewpoints within Christianity and lead you to an intelligent commitment to the gospel as you pursue your degree in theology.


The School of Theology fosters an environment where you'll learn to respect various Christian perspectives as you develop an informed faith commitment. Faculty members model collegial discussion that is informed by Scripture and centered on Christ. Your theological studies will teach you to think carefully about your beliefs and help you learn to articulate your faith with a balance of humility and confidence.


In the Biblical Studies, Intercultural Ministry, Theology, and Youth Ministry programs, you'll learn to avoid simplistic answers to complex questions. Not only will you become familiar with various traditions within Christianity, you'll also understand non-Christian perspectives thoroughly. The result of this kind of education is that you'll be able to articulate your beliefs without giving naive or knee-jerk responses to those outside of the faith. Alongside your peers, you'll learn to integrate Christian theory and practice.


Evangelicals are those who are committed, above all else, to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Though evangelicals have disagreed on some secondary issues, all have affirmed God's supernatural activity with human beings, the divinity and resurrection of Jesus, and the idea that the Bible is God's unique revelation. You will learn from faculty who are devoted to these core beliefs. By committing yourself to our Christian theology school, you are joining this profound and dedicated group of the faithful.


The School of Theology desires for you to be able to use the tools of your discipline to study theology. As a School of Theology student, you'll be prepared for graduate study in theology or biblical studies, as well as prepared for ministry and a variety of other careers. Your theology courses will prepare you to understand your faith in the context of a broad and rigorous liberal arts education. You'll receive a thorough grounding in the primary sources of your field, and critically engage with the best scholarship research and study in the 21st century.

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