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Information for Non-degree Seeking Students

What is a non-degree seeking student? For those not familiar with the term, a non-degree seeking student is simply someone who wishes to take college courses, but isn’t necessarily concerned with earning their degree.

Fortunately, Colorado Christian University offers a variety of non-degree courses for these kinds of scholars. Whether you already have your degree, want to take a one-off course or you’re having a problem choosing a major in college, we can help.

Why choose a non-degree program at CCU?

Our courses are taught by the same renowned faculty as our traditional majors, which means you can build your skills without committing to a full-time degree program. In addition, our courses approach subjects from a unique Christ-centered worldview.

How do you apply?

Simply complete and submit the Application for Admission, and select: Non-Degree Seeking (Traditional) as your academic program of interest.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone about our courses for non-degree students, contact your Enrollment Counselor.

Please note that tuition is due upon registration. Financial aid is not applicable to non-degree credit earned.