News: CCU Launches Hope Fund

CCU Launches Hope Fund

Colorado Christian University is pleased to announce the creation of a new scholarship fund designed specifically to help adult learners reach their educational goals through the College of Adult and Graduate Studies. The Hope Fund will provide vital scholarship dollars for hard-working adult students — over 94% of whom take classes online through CCU Online — that otherwise would be unable to continue their education.

“The Hope Fund is the latest step in Colorado Christian University’s efforts to support learners of all backgrounds in their goal of obtaining a Christ-centered liberal arts education,” said Dr. Donald W. Sweeting, CCU president. “Joining together to lift up our adult learners financially as they work to better their lives through education is the embodiment of our principles of grace and truth.”

The majority of CCU Online students are eligible for financial aid, but there remains a financial gap as adult learners balance life obligations. Donors to the Hope Fund can close this gap with their donation — in essence, becoming the answer to prayer and changing lives.

"Your donation, combined with hundreds of others, can make a substantial difference in the lives of CCU Online students," said Eric Hogue, vice president of Advancement. "A liberal arts education is a generational-changing force that transforms individual lives and families. Your generous support of future nurses, business professionals, teachers, and ministry leaders will positively impact the world beyond our city, state, and nation."

The University has seen record enrollment in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies, eclipsing 7,000 combined undergraduate and graduate enrollments as of the University census date on September 9. The college offers more than 90 academic program options from the associate to doctoral level. Students include single parents, veterans, students seeking employment, and many others who want to improve their careers and personal lives with a CCU degree.

"The Hope Fund is a unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of adult learners,” said Roger Chandler, vice president of Student Success for the College of Adult and Graduate Studies. “Cost of attending can be prohibitive and adult learners face multiple pressures that can make degree completion very challenging — balancing full-time jobs, raising families, paying their mortgages and bills, caring for aging parents, and more.

"It is our intention that the Hope Fund gives our adult students the financial boost, security, and confidence needed to reach their educational goals. I am certain that your donation will be life changing for our adult students as we strive to fulfill our CCU mission: Christ-centered higher education transforming students to impact the world with grace and truth."

Join hundreds of others in supporting hard-working adult learners as they better their lives through a Christ-centered higher education at CCU Hope Fund.