Hope Fund

What is The Hope Fund?

The Hope Fund is your gift — added to thousands of others — that makes education more affordable for adult students at CCU.

Many students want to advance their careers by obtaining a degree through CCU Online in CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies. These adult learners include single parents, veterans, students seeking employment, and many others who want to improve their careers and personal lives with a CCU degree.

For many of these adult learners, the costs of attending college can be prohibitive because of competing needs to take care of families and other life circumstances. At CCU Online, most students require financial aid, and they are doing everything they can, but there is still a financial gap. You can close this gap with your donation to The Hope Fund — in essence, you become the answer to their prayers as you change their life.

Join hundreds of CCU Online and CAGS alumni, faculty, staff, and friends pooling donations and providing vital scholarship dollars for hard-working and motivated students. You can give them hope for their future — one that includes meaningful career progression, a better life for their family, and manageable debt.

Students have been waiting — some for more than 25 years — to place a period at the end of their academic journey. Help them get to a strong finish. Please give hope to an adult learner today — you will make a difference!

Kara Johnston portrait

Kara Johnston

Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
Email: kjohnston@ccu.edu
Phone: 303-963-3320

Donations to the Hope Fund provide the vital base of support for our next generation of teachers, counselors, musicians, politicians, and leaders. You can donate online below or contact Kara Johnston, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations to learn more.

I am so blessed that I was able to take classes online through CCU Online and still take care of my family. The support of the staff and instructors made the online learning possible.
– Christina Cortez '20, Liberal Arts, B.A. with Special Education Licensure

Give Now to the Hope Fund

Please complete the online giving form below. We invite you to become a member of CCU's Sustinere's Society* by making an automated monthly donation of $10 per month or more. Be sure to check the box on the giving form for "make this a monthly gift."

If you wish to donate through your Donor Advised Fund, please click the link immediately below.

* Join CCU's Sustinere's Society. Sustinere is Latin for one who maintains, preserves, and protects. When you commit to a monthly, sustaining gifts, your smaller gifts will add up to a much larger gift over the course of a year to help maintain, preserve and protect a student's education. As a monthly donor you can contribute toward a student's education through an easy, automated monthly gift, starting at just $10 per month. Your contribution will be automatically charged to your credit card each month, and you may change or cancel your gift at any time.

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